VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is an impartial expert organisation. In the field of fuel cell technology and gasification related issues VTT is one of the leading research institute in the Nordic countries. VTT research supports industry product development by maintaining a development platform comprising a large selection of research facilities, a selection of developed modelling tools and know-how encompassing different technologies throughout the entire business chain. 

Mostly of the project in VTT are co-funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, the European research programmes, industry and VTT. At present, more than 40 different companies are involved in the various projects. The main research areas in fuel cells today are PEFC and SOFC including systems, applications, demonstrations, stacks, components and materials. The purpose of the fuel cell research at VTT is to develop new technology and to provide information for industrial enterprises in order to support development work on SOFC-based power plants and PEM based hybrid systems.


VTT's gasification group has been involved in numerous national and international R&D projects as well as in several gasification demonstration projects. The general aim of VTT's Gasification Group is to develop new more efficient and environmentally sustainable energy production technologies based on biomass and waste gasification. Major part of our work is process development work, which we can carry out from laboratory to pilot-scale with our unique test facilities and in co-operation with our clients and industrial partners. We are also involved in several demonstration and commercial gasification projects and serve our clients by carrying out special measurements and evaluation work. Our main research fields are: CHP plants based on biomass gasification, Waste gasification and co-combustion in boilers, Hot gas filtration, removal of chlorine and heavy/alkali metals, Catalytic gas cleaning from tars and ammonia, Sampling, measuring and evaluation services for gasification plants, IGCC and other high efficiency power plant technologies and Optimised synthesis gas process for biomass and waste fuels VTT's gasification know-how is particularly strong in the field of catalytic gas cleaning technology.


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