• Who can apply?

Basically any one, based at Universities, Research Centres and companies, requiring access to our technologies and expertise can apply for access to H2FC installations. The focus is on transnational, European access, no fee access is available for employees of organisations based in EU member states or associated states.

  • Where can I apply for access?

You can apply for access at any time, simply complete and submit an application form.

  • How much does it cost?

Access is free for users from EU member states and associated states as long as the results can be made public.

  • What is proprietay access?

Proprietary access is for work which is confidential, and not for publication. The user covers the full costs of the access.

  • How do I apply for access?

The application form can be completed and submitted on-line or downloaded and sent by email. There are 4 simple steps to follow when submitting an application:

  • Select the technologies most appropriate for your requirements and discuss your ideas with the technology experts.
  • If you are uncertain which technologies to select please contact our user office.
  • Define the work you want to carry out
  • Download a recent version of the application form and complete the form.

It is recommended that you discuss your proposal or even your idea with our particular H2FC experts before submitting your proposal via the online system. The H2FC user office can assist you in identifying and contacting the right experts.


  • If my proposal is not accepted, do I have the possibility to modify and re-submit it?

Yes, proposals that are not accepted can be modified after discussing them with technical experts, and then can be resubmitted.

  • What are the conditions for access?

Funding is for transnational access i.e. not in the country of origin of the user. Intellectual Property generated belongs to the User, however, only users and user groups with the right to publish results are entitled to access free of charge. Collaboration with the technology providing partners is possible and agreement should be made beforehand. Publications which result from transnational access at H2FC should contain the acknowledgement “This work/Part of the work was carried out with the support of the European Community. We appreciate the support of the European Research Infrastructure H2FC (funded under the FP7 specific programme Capacities, Grant Agreement Number 284522) and its partner xyz.” The name of the installation and technology expert may also be given.Users should also note that the EC has the right to publish the list of users and that project reports to the EC will contain the names, home institutions and description of the work of the users.


  • What installations am I allowed to use?

Please note that the Peer Review Board can only consider applications for those installation(s) requested on the proposal form. We highly recommend that you contact the experts of the H2FC-laboratories relevant to your work prior to a proposal submission. Contact details of the experts are given on www.H2FC.eu.

  • Can I expect to operate the equipment myself?

Suitable level of training can be provided if necessary depending on the equipment involved, the recurrence and the duration of your proposed experiments.

  • Is there a procedure to ensure the confidentiality of my proposal?

The contents of a proposal will be treated confidentially. They will however be reviewed by the people involved in the proposal evaluation procedure: H2FC partners and Peer Review Board. Information on successful proposals applying for no fee access will be sent to the European Comission for project reporting purposes.

  • Where can I get more detailed information?

For more information please check the H2FC User Guidelines and the information available on this website.




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