JRA1 - Facility Improvements for Investigation of Basic Hydrogen Properties and Material Behavior

The goal of the JRA1 is to accomplish the following tasks:

  •  Facility improvements and measurement to produce hypothetical hydrogen accident scenarios
    • Improved measurements to produce controllably defined gradient mixtures
    • Improvement of measurement capacities for multiphase, multi component cold jets and spills
  • Facility and experiments improvement for safety assessment of materials behavior using hydrogen sensors
  • Improving and integrating the capacities of hydrogen sensors in testing facilities
  • Assessment of hydrogen pressure material and component damage following rapid pressure drop
  • Development of measurements and analysis techniques for fuel quality


JRA2 - Facility Improvements for Investigations of Components and Systems of the Hydrogen Energy Chain

The goal of the JRA2 is to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Improvement of alkaline electrolyser installation in the power range of 0.5 to 5kW
  • Extension of metallic vessel embrittlement test chamber to moist hydrogen
  • Facility and measurement improvements for in-situ investigations of PEM fuel cells materials and components
    • In situ spectroscopy techniques with enhanced spatial resolution and enhanced operation conditions
    • Visualization and verification of fluid characteristics in an operating fuel cell
  • Facility and measurement improvements for investigation of high temperature fuel cells components and systems
    • Test facility for high power testing of fuel cells
    • New characterization concepts for fuel cell degradation
  • Improvement of test facilities for measuring the impact of fuel gas treatment on system degradation
    • Test facilities for steam reforming
    • Test facilities for HT FC multi fuel feeding and poisoning


JRA3 - Methods Protocols Benchmarking

The goal of the JRA3 is to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Harmonised methodology for testing and improving fire resistance of onboard pressurized hydrogen storage
    • Harmonised methodology for testing of pressure relief devices
    • Fire resistance of hydrogen storage tanks and bonfire procedure
  • Harmonised measurement for investigations of hydrogen solid storage materials and components
    • Harmonised measurement for investigations of hydrogen solid storage materials
    • Towards safety assessment of hydrogen storage materials and systems
  • Harmonised measurements for investigations of PEMFC fuel cell components
    • Development of reliable reference electrodes for fuel cells
    • Improved test protocol for durability testing of bipolar plates
  • Harmonisation of test procedure to study SOFC degradation upon application orientated conditions
  • Round-robin exercise of the fuel quality measurements


JRA4 - Cyber Laboratory

The goal of the JRA4 is to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Identification of existent physical models and numerical codes
  • Round-robin testing
  • Development of new models addressing scientific bottlenecks in priority areas
  • Pre-test simulations of experiments on facilities of H2FC European Infrastructure
  • Database of high quality experimental reference data for model validation
  • Software suite for hydrogen and fuel cell systems

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