H2FC European Infrastructure Project

Integrating European Infrastructure to support science and development of

Hydrogen- and Fuel Cell Technologies towards European Strategy for Sustainable

Competitive and Secure Energy

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CEA - The COMEDHY hydrid material testing EDIP - Laboratory Small Angle X-Ray Scattering beamline EMPA - Laboratory for Solid Hydrogen Storage Materials (Lasy) HiPress - High-Pressure facility HyMat - Hydrogen Assisted Stress cracking testing configuration based on SSRT JEEP II - The SANS instrument NPL - Electrochemical techniques for characterisation of catalyst performance NPL - Instrumented single cell PEMFC test stations STF1 Membranes and Materials Research Laboratory X-ray fluorescence and Compton scattering spectrometer
closed since October 2015
The seventh and final call was the very last opportunity for external participants, to profit from free access to unique facilities and technical installations to execute experimental tests arising from science and developement in fuel cells and hydrogen technology.
Take your chance for free access to more than 50 installations regarding:
  • fuel cells
  • hydrogen production and storage
  • safety issues


Hydrogen as an energy carrier will play a major role in the near future, but still research has to be done to reach public acceptance and promote further development. This H2FC European Infrastructure wants to enable applicants ...

  • to reach their research goal
  • by supporting their necessary research work
  • by providing the required infrastructure
  • without any costs!
The H2FC European Infrastructure Project was free of charge and access could usually be granted within few days.
Please note: This call was separated into two parts:
  • Specific Call: Focused on scientific bottlenecks in the areas listed above
  • Specific Call: Focused on new/improved installations
  • General Call: If you have a general research proposal you can also apply in this call







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