D2.1 European Infrastructure User Guidelines

D2.5 1st Call of H2FC (unspecific)

D2.6 1st Call of H2FC Researchers Exchange Programme

D2.7 2nd Call of H2FC (specific)

D2.9 3rd Call of H2FC (unspecific)

D2.12 2nd Call of H2FC Researchers Exchange Programme

D2.21 Running System Entry Point Webportal


D3.4 1st Technical School

D3.5 2nd Technical School

D3.6 3rd Technical School


D4.1 Scientific Bottlenecks for Commercialization of H2 & FC Technologies

D4.2 Experts for EUROPEAN Review Panel

D4.3 Experts for EUROPEAN Review Panel (update)

D4.4 Inventory on European Research Infrastructure Facilities

D4.6 European Annual Progress review for H2 and Fuel Cell Technologies


D5.1 Schedule and Report on Project Promotion and Dissemination

D5.3 Publication and Press Release on the Project Start Up

D5.6 Schedule and Report on Thematic Workshops

D5.8 Schedule and Report on H2FC Conference (1st)


D8.5 Availability of High-power Test Rig

D8.7 Test Rig for Steam Reformer Degradation Analysis

D8.8 Test Rig for Fuel Quality and Fuel Type System Testing


D9.1 Harmonised Methodology for Testing of Pressure Relief Devices


D10.1 Task Force on Model and Codes Evaluation (membership)

D10.4 Roadmap for Addressing Bottlenecks in H2FC e-Infrastructure

D10.8 Database of High Quality Experimental Reference Data


D24.1 Gender Equality Manager Nominated

D24.2 Action Plan and List of Scientists in Charge of Gender Issues

D24.3 First Report on Gender Actions


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